Enfinity Roofing System

A Roofing System That Wasn’t Built to Compete

with Others, but to Replace Them.

American Remodeling offers the exclusive Enfinity Lifetime Roofing System to its shingle roofing customers. ENFINITY provides performance you can trust from the system components, along with designer shingles that maximize protection against wind uplift, water penetration and other severe weather conditions.

The Core of Enfinity Designer Shingles

  1. Colorblend Copper Coated Granules
  2. Top Weathering Asphalt Coating
  3. Durable Fiberglass Mat
  4. Bottom Weathering Asphalt Coating
  5. FastLockā„¢ Self Sealing Adhesive
    • In addition to our thick coatings, the Enfinity shingle ensures performance against all-weather with our self-adhering, sun-activated adhesive FastLockā„¢ strip, as well as 5 strips of construction grade laminate adhesive.

The Enfinity Roofing System

Enfinity has developed an all-encompasing system of products that are used in addition to the designer shingle to ensure longevity of the roof installment. The system includes:

Double Lifetime Guarantee

All ENFINITY roofing shingles and qualifying ENFINITY products come with an exclusive Double Lifetime Warranty on Labor and Materials. In the event you experience a problem with your ENFINITY Products caused by a manufacturing defect, you are Protected in this life and the next!

Exclusive Color Blends

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